So I came up with an awesome idea today – a Coworking Space on a boat! (FEB 2016 UPDATE: That now exists)

Ok… so that’s probably not the best idea but it did get me searching Google and found this article by Flight Centre, the major travel company in Australia.


What surprised me was the term Co-Working Holiday – I’d never heard that one before! And, so I wondered…
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“In 2005, the U.S. boasted precisely one coworking space. That number today is…well, much higher.”
ADAM VACCARO Staff Writer, Inc. @adamtvaccaro

There’s no doubt Co-Working is becoming bigger. According to a report from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, reported on recently in the Boston Business Journal, the number of coworking spaces in America has gone from one to 781 since 2005. This trend is expected to continue as the number of remote workers and online entrepreneurs continue to rise.

It’s safe to say co-working is definitely ‘a thing’ but can the same be said for Co-Working Holidays? Flight Centre are no doubt trying to catch a trend here but are people actually going on CoWorking holidays nowadays? The answer is a resounding yes!

If you search for ‘CoWorking Holidays’ on Google, you can find a number of articles on individuals and groups who are going on these CoWorking Holidays – although they may not call it that yet. One famous group, Hacker Paradise are a travelling group of nomads who, after an interview, offered me to join the team! I was excited until I saw the price tag…

My reply to Hacker Paradise

My reply to Hacker Paradise

Now I realise that Hacker Paradise were offering me to join them on a CoWorking Holiday, at a premium price.

I think what Flight Centre and Hacker Paradise have figured out is that the idea of a CoWorking Holiday is an easy sell to those who want to travel long term and to them, this could mean big business. It’s definitely a trend that travel companies should be catering for but the truth is that, as a Nomad, you really don’t need a travel company.

The ideal Nomad is travel-hacking flights, discovering CoWorking spaces themselves and booking cheap accommodation through services like AirBnB. A CoWorking holiday is not a traditional holiday in the sense that you’re there to work. Therefore, the idea of booking a package through a third-party seems ridiculous to me unless, of course, they can offer it cheaper than you can find yourself.

If you’re keen on a CoWorking Holiday, go out there and find it! If you don’t know where to start, simply check out the ‘Go’ section of Nomad Page and subscribe to receive updates.

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