In 2018, I hope to build out my list of courses to help you guys learn more of the skills you need to able to live and work from anywhere.

Check out my published courses below or request a topic.

UpWork Freelancing: Your Guide to Finding Remote Freelance Jobs

UpWork is the world’s largest freelance marketplace and for the last (almost) three years now, I’ve been using UpWork to find remote freelancing jobs that allow me to work from literally anywhere in the world.

You see, before I got started on UpWork, I used to rely quite a bit on personal networking to find my freelance clients but the great thing about using UpWork is that whether I’m working from the beach in Thailand or from an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, I can both find the work and perform the work from literally anywhere. All I need is a computer and a internet connection.

In fact, I’ve used UpWork extensively as one of my major tools in order to enable my current nomadic lifestyle which has seen me travel to over 21 countries in search of Wifi and adventure.

So, in this course I wanna take you through my story with UpWork but more importantly share with you a system that I’ve refined over the last 2 years to attract better clients and more money without the countless hours I used to spend sending out proposals to hundreds of clients.

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Understanding Web Development: A Beginner’s Guide to the Web

So you want to become a web developer? Or least, want to know how the web works?

I don’t blame you. Web development is an in-demand skill that allows you work from anywhere and earn a great living.

Web development is what I learned back in 2015 that has allowed me to travel the world and work remotely for the last two years.

In this class, I’ll teach you all the basics that I think you need to know before choosing your long-term learning path in web development.

After taking this course, you will understand how the web works and how you can take part in building it.

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Web Development Fundamentals: HTML & CSS

This class covers something that’s very fundamental when building for the web and that is the use of HTML and CSS.

HTML is the markup language that gives structure to web pages and applications across the web and CSS is the style sheet language used for describing the presentation of HTML.

HTML and CSS work very closely together to create the visual look and layout of your website or web application and so in this class, we’re about to cover them together.

Whichever specific path you wish to follow as a web developer, one thing is for sure. You will definitely need some knowledge of HTML and CSS.

So click on the link below and let’s get started!

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Web Development Fundamentals: Javascript

This class is the next step in our ‘Web Development Fundamentals’ series. In the last class, we covered how to create web pages with HTML and then style them with CSS. In this class, we’re gonna learn how to add more interactive features to our websites and web applications with Javascript.

JavaScript of course, is one of the three core technologies of the World Wide Web. It’s said to be the most popular programming language in the world and has been the programming language for front-end development since the beginning of the web.

So, regardless of which path you choose to follow as a web developer, you’re going to need some understanding of Javascript and specifically, how it plugs into your web page to create interactive web sites and web applications like many of the ones you use today.

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How to Efficiently Build WordPress Websites with Divi

WordPress powers almost a third of the internet and so, if you’re looking to build a content-based website, you should totally be aware of WordPress.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn how to build WordPress sites ‘the right way’ and what I mean by that is ‘how to build sites efficiently that are also able to easily updated and maintained down the track.

You see, when I built my first WordPress site, I decided to build my own theme from scratch. I took a 7 hour class just to learn the basics and then spent the next few weeks, working on my website full-time to get it work.

Not only did it take me a long time to build, every time I want to update it, even just to change some text on a landing page, I need to jump into a the backend code and update the website manually.

Trust me, it’s a pain in the ass.

I wondered to myself, how do professional freelancers and agencies make WordPress sites. Surely, they don’t spend 40 hours a week building a single site? What am I missing here?

Well, it wasn’t until I spent months and years freelancing with WordPress, speaking to other developers and working for agencies that I realised ‘the right way’ to develop WordPress sites.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you want to create your own theme to sell as a product on Themeforest or similar marketplaces be my guest but for building quick and highly customisable WordPress websites for clients, you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel each time you’re tasked with a new site development.

So, in this course, I’m going to teach you how to develop and update WordPress websites much faster by customising a premium theme like Divi.

Divi is now what I use for developing all my own websites as well as websites for clients and I’ve found it to be one of the most versatile and efficient themes to create whatever layout or design you please.

Get two months free access to my course and thousands of others via Skillshare

Access via Skillshare

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