Frequently Asked Questions

The following page are my answers to common questions I get through email and social media. Please have a read before contacting me with your own question as I may have already answered it.

Q: How Can I Get Started as a Developer?

You may have seen my popular video ‘How I Learned to Code‘ or my video ‘How to Become a Developer and Go Remote‘. If not, please go watch these videos now.

If you’ve seen ‘How I Learned to Code‘ but still have questions, I wrote an entire book by the same name (link). The book goes into my full story of how I got started as a developer.

Between those three resources, I’ve covered every general question you could have about becoming a developer.

For everything else, there are numerous YouTube channels and other resources (example: Clever Programmer) that are set up specifically to cover questions specifically about coding.

Q: How Can I Get Started as a Digital Nomad

Much like the previous question, I have two videos which show you how:

If you need more info on getting started, I have a guide as well – ‘4 Steps to Location Independence

Q: How Can I Get Started on UpWork

I wrote a guide on this

Q: I’m Going to [Destination], any Recommendations for [Coworking, Accomodation, etc]

I have a whole category on this website called ‘Destination Reports‘. Please check it out and see if the destination you’re asking about has been covered.

If Your Question Has Not Been Covered…

Please read the following document – ‘Advice for Contacting Chris