Welcome to my ‘Guides’ section. This is where I offer my thoughts and advice on specific topics. Whether you’re looking to become location independent, learn to code, freelance online and/or travel the world, these guides will provide you with a great introduction for little to no cost.

4 Steps to Location Independence

An intro living a life of location independence. All you need is to follow these four steps!

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How I Learned to Code

This book is part-memoir and part-advice. It’s my experience and it’s what I learned along the way.

Each chapter includes my own story as well as my top tips and best advice for achieving a similar path.

Within the book, I talk about…

    • The Single Most Important Mindset You Will Need to Be Successful
    • How I Taught Myself How to Code for FREE and You Can Too
    • How I Got My First Job as a Paid Developer Within 3 Months & My Top Tips For Getting Hired
    • My ‘Secret Sauce’ When It Comes to Finding Freelance Clients, and
    • How I Was Able to Work Remotely From Bali

If you want to be inspired and informed about what you can achieve in a short space of time by pursuing a career with incredible demand, download or order the book now.

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How to Get Started on UpWork

Within this free guide, you’ll learn how to land your first client on UpWork with no previous reviews or experience.

I’ll also share with you some of my most crucial lessons on the platform and debunk a few myths that could keep you stuck at zero.

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The Digital Nomads Guide to the World

If you’re looking for travel advice and inspiration on where to take your remote work in 2018, this is your ultimate guide.

Discover 14 of the best destinations for living the remote work lifestyle with in-depth profiles covering everything from cost of living to where to cowork, written by the most prolific content creator in the digital nomad space for the last two years, Christopher Dodd.

Available In Kindle & Paperback via Amazon or PDF download