My Top Resources for Learning Code

CodeAcademy, CodeSchool and Team Treehouse

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These three are probably the most popular websites for beginners to learn code and starting out, I definitely tried all of them.

Code Academy is free and really good but the library is somewhat limited. The other two, Code School and Team Treehouse both offer a free trial so I’d suggest giving them all a go and seeing which ones you enjoy most.
Lynda is the website where I first learned to code and is still the first place I turn to whenever I want to learn a new skill. I highly recommend it.

Courses I’ve taken on Lynda that I would recommend to others include:


Udemy is another great website that I use but unlike Lynda, Udemy is a course-marketplace so you need to be more critical of the instructors and check their ratings before purchasing individual courses. Unlike the others, I haven’t done any coding courses on Udemy but I have done a range of other courses.

More Recommendations

You can find my full list of recommendations on all the tools we use to live and work remotely here.