Advice for Contacting Chris

Hey there!

You’ve probably been directed to this page after sending me a message on email or social media.

Please understand that I receive a bunch of messages and a lot of them are very similar so rather than constantly repeating myself, I’ve set up this page.

Why Am I Seeing This?

You’ve probably been directed to this page because you have asked for advice that is a little too general or perhaps outside my range of expertise.

Alternatively, your question might be one that I’ve already answered previously or very similar to one I’ve already answered.

Please check my FAQ page to make sure that the question you’re asking has not been answered before.

General Advice

If you do have a unique question, please be as specific and concise as possible in your message.

Unfortunately, I’m not a life coach or a career coach and so I won’t respond to messages that are very specific to your own circumstances.

Your question needs to be specific enough that I can fire off a quick answer but general enough that the answer could help others in a similar situation.

Finally, please understand that I’m not some all-knowing guru. I’m just a guy who creates content around the digital nomad lifestyle. I don’t do this to show off or position myself as an expert. I do it to provide information about the lifestyle. So, please keep that in mind.
Regardless, thank you for your email and for your support of this project.

Until next time,