Do you run an organisation that actively supports remote teams and digital nomads?

Chris the Freelancer was a website, podcast and social media project that aimed to educate, inform and inspire an audience interested in remote work, travel and location independent entrepreneurship.

The brand has since pivoted to be more focused on computer programming but still maintains a similar audience.

Through my un-dying passion and drive to be the leading influencer in the digital nomad space, I’ve worked with brands that support my mission to push the digital nomad movement forward and inspire others to travel.

These brands include:

Why Partner with Chris the Freelancer?

Reach the Most Targeted Digital Nomad Audience on the Internet

As a leading influencer in the digital nomad space, I keep a constant pulse on what is happening in the industry. I endeavour to cover all the biggest topics in the world of digital nomads and I’ve found myself to be the prominent and prolific content creator on this subject.

Especially on YouTube, you’ll find that my videos show up for virtually every search term including ‘digital nomad’ and as far as channels go, I’m by far the largest channel that focuses on the digital nomad lifestyle.

High-Quality Evergreen Content to Promote your Brand

I pride myself on creating the best content possible and with a blog post or video from Chris the Freelancer, you’ll not only reach a new audience but have a beautiful piece of content that you can continue to share with your own prospective customers.

Who Works with Chris the Freelancer?


Viewers and readers to come to the Chris the Freelancer YouTube channel to find out the best destinations to live and work remotely. I’ve written over 13 destination reviews from around the world, produced regular video content on the destinations I travel to and in 2017, I worked with Nest Coworking in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to bring awareness to the Riviera Maya by partnering with their local network of restaurants and tour operators in the region.

Coworking and Coliving Spaces

Coworking spaces that cater to digital nomads has been a theme of my YouTube channel (especially) since the beginnings of Chris the Freelancer. I’m a huge believer in the power of coworking spaces to bring people together and create productive and happy work environments.

Recently, I also started working with coliving spaces such as Mokrin HouseSunDesk Taghazout and Outsite.

Events and Programs for Digital Nomads

Events and programs are some of the most fun projects I do with brands. I love to fully immerse myself in the event or program and provide a genuine story from the inside. To me, nothing does a better job of covering the experience of these events more than video and that’s why I generally like to cover these events on YouTube and Facebook video.

Digital or Tangible Products

On occasion, I’ll also work with products (tangible or digital) that fit well with my brand. One such product was Tens Premium Sunglasses who I partnered with in the summer of 2017.

Examples of Recent Campaigns


Nomad Cruise

Nomad City Las Palmas

Mokrin House (Coliving / Coworking)

Nomad Summit

What my Partners Say…

Johannes Voelkner, Nomad Cruise

Wow. Thanks so much for the video Christopher!! You explained the idea super well! Also big thanks to all the talented costaring actors. I’m already looking forward to Part 2. THANK YOU 

Ivan Brkljač, Mokrin House

Thanks for the visit and thank you for the video. It was a true pleasure having you in Mokrin House and I think you captured our story just right. Lets make this just the first out of many visits, videos and bottles of vine.

Ready to Work with Chris the Freelancer?

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