Adrian is a young guy from Melbourne, Australia who’s completely replaced his income with Kindle Direct Publishing. Using the platform, he earns more than a few thousand every month without the need for much ongoing work.

I was lucky enough to meet Adrian through Johnny FD but it wasn’t until he started his own Facebook group that we started hanging out.

In today’s episode, we talk about Adrian’s story, want lead him into KDP and how it’s changed his lifestyle.

Talking Points

[1:45] Growing up in Australia, taking a gap year and deciding that university wasn’t for him
[2:35] How Adrian got his start in online business
[4:02] Adrian’s approach to selling on Amazon and his driving motivation to earn enough to leave his job
[6:17] The surprising results of his second kindle account after some time off and how fast you can expect to replace your income with kindle publishing
[12:28] Forex trading and his own course, Freedom Self Publishing
[17:31] The various ways that Chiang Mai Digital Nomads make money
[18:26] The origin story of the Facebook group, Chiang Mai Dropshippers
[20:22] Discovering the Digital Nomad community in Chiang Mai
[24:47] A discussion on other top Digital Nomad destinations
[29:22] How Adrian uses his time freedom to focus on health, fitness and looking into new business opportunities
[32:14] Adrian’s blog and YouTube channel, Driven Living with a discussion on ‘YouTubing’ in general
[38:54] Adrian’s advice for getting started in online business

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