Blake and I met through the Slack community #nomads during the first months of my digital nomad journey in Bali. We’ve kept in touch ever since and hung out in Kuala Lumpur and now Chiang Mai.

In today’s episode we talk about Blake’s journey, his experience with finding remote work and how he ended up in his current role as a growth hacker. We also go into what it means to be a grow hacker and the benefits to working remotely.

You can find out more about Blake on his twitter at theblakemoore.

Talking Points

  • [2:13] Blake shares his unique upbringing, being raised in Portugal, his first travel experiences in Asia and where the idea for his first trip as a digital nomad originated from.
  • [5:30] Booking his first flight with his friend Zach and taking the first steps to becoming nomadic.
  • [8:44] The first few months of Blake’s digital nomad journey and how he went about funding his travels.
  • [10:45] Writing his first book about his journey in recruitment and his first experience with passive income
  • [15:25] How he approached finding jobs as a remote worker and how he got his first major job
  • [19:25] How he used his previous work experience to position himself while learning new skills on the job
  • [21:34] His motivations for living a location independent lifestyle
  • [24:09] Initial thoughts of Chiang Mai
  • [25:13] A short discussion on our favourite locations to live and travel in Asia
  • [33:13] How Blake chose his path as a digital nomad and how he ended up as a ‘growth hacker’
  • [35:14] Blake’s advice for not undervaluing yourself while working remotely
  • [36:33] Blake gives an overview of ‘Growth Hacking’ and his current role
  • [40:21] Being thrown in the deep end and how he learned the skills of his profession on the job
  • [41:46] Overcoming the fear of going against the gain
  • [43:37] Feeling constrained living in London
  • [44:40] The quality of life in Chiang Mai
  • [46:42] Becoming a digital nomad early in life
  • [48:26] Writing for the Huffington Post and sharing his story with the masses

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