Chris and I had been watching each others videos on YouTube since the beginning of my Digital Nomad Journey although, it wasn’t until I found out Chris was organising the weekly Chiang Mai Nomad Coffee Club Meetup that we finally met.

It turns out, Chris has a very interesting story. A former Wall-streeter, Chris had transformed his life and now lives location independently in Chiang Mai.

Talking Points

  • [1:50] Chris’ early stage mentality of chasing riches via the traditional 9-5 means and scoring his first job in New York City
  • [4:53] Is monetary success a values thing or an illusion to begin with?
  • [6:38] Falling for the hype of making money in the big city & the slow realisation that the big city dream wasn’t for him.
  • [9:17] The story of how his high-stress lifestyle induced a collapsed lung on two occasions
  • [11:55] The Golden Handcuffs (ie. the trap of living and working in the big city)
  • [13:55] Valuing your time above the money & transitioning out of the Wall Street Lifestyle
  • [17:42] Becoming Inspired to live the digital nomad lifestyle & making the switch
  • [21:57] How Chris got started in online business
  • [23:50] Meeting Riley Bennett and Torsten ‘Toto’ Kremser at the first dropship lifestyle retreat, getting the first sales and moving into Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • [28:22] FBA vs Dropshipping and how they work together
  • [31:30] Running his businesses on autopilot, seeking more fulfilment and the realisation of wanting to become a coach
  • [35:52] Chris’ favourite nomad cities and locations including Bali and Chiang Mai
  • [39:06] His spiritual journey, dealing with psychological demons, mediation and experiencing Ayahuasca
  • [44:28] Chris’ advice for achieving balance and finding success

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