Colin Pomeroy was a cocktail bartender until he discovered the digital nomad movement and made the decision to become location independent. He now travels the world as a freelance copywriter.

In today’s episode, we discuss Colin’s journey towards location independence including the struggles and the successes as well as the success principles that got him to where he is today.

You can find out more about Colin by visiting his website at

Talking Points

  • [2:40] Colin talks about reading his first blog post on Location independence.
  • [4:58] Colin’s college semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, a month of travels in Europe and the beginnings of his desire to travel with purpose
  • [7:59] Being stuck in an interim job
  • [9:04] Meeting Sean Ogle and Colin’s first attempt at building location independence through Video Editing
  • [13:19] The importance of choosing lifestyle first and passion second and how Colin made the switch
  • [14:41] How the advice of following your passion can be a trap
  • [17:39] The importance of skill building and the unexpected ways in which they can interrelate
  • [18:16] Choosing one path to location independence and sticking with it
  • [20:35] Content Writing vs Copywriting
  • [21:26] A quick overview of Location rebel and how Colin used the community to get his first few gigs
  • [27:45] Finding the sweet spot between being over prepared and under prepared
  • [30:20] Transitioning from Content Writing to Copywriting
  • [31:09] Setting off to Paris as the first stop on his digital nomad journey and finding the balance between work and vacationing
  • [34:29] Moving to Chiang Mai, the decision to slow down on travel and initial struggles with finding and succeeding with work
  • [40:25] Breaking through the initial self-doubt and connecting with the community
  • [45:01] The value of freedom, ownership and creativity when it comes to living the digital nomad lifestyle
  • [47:43] Colin’s final word of advice to listeners

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