From convincing you to have a beer with him on a Friday night to enticing you to buy a product online, Craig Wilson is a born salesman.

An entrepreneur for many years, Craig finally decided to move his business operations completely online to achieve location independence.

In this week’s episode from Chiang Mai, Thailand, we talk about the journey so far as well as the next stage for the always excited Craig Wilson.

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Talking Points

[1:34] How Craig got started in business, going to college and working at the South African World Cup
[5:50] Catching the travel bug and how he built his own marketing business without ever needing to take a regular job
[10:00] The fallacy of offline networking and getting leads online
[13:47] Moving his business online to free up time and go location independent
[16:49] The brewing idea of location independence and making the decision to come out to Chiang Mai
[23:44] Meeting people in Chiang Mai and other locations and adventures on Craig’s list
[28:34] Leveraging time and pursuing passive income
[32:54] Craig’s top goals and new courses
[35:46] Craig’s number one top tip for those wanting to live location independently

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