Gabriel is a talented young man from the UK that I met at Beachub in Koh Phangan. There he works with his brother/co-founder on an early-stage startup called Moju, a platform for companies to find Instagram influencers.

I met Gabriel early on during my visit to Koh Phangan but it wasn’t until I overheard a meeting with a prospective client that I decided to ask him on the show.

Talking Points

[1:25] An introduction to Gabriel and his startup Moju, a platform for finding Instagram influencers
[3:29] How Gabriel and his co-founder have sourced prospective clients to help gather feedback in the early stages of the business
[5:15] A little on Gabriel’s background as a developer and entrepreneur
[8:15] Why he decided to work on his startup from Koh Phangan in Thailand
[11:08] Travel, living abroad and the story behind Moju
[14:54] How Gabriel learned the skills to start his own business and the challenges and benefits of living and working remotely
[18:54] The future for Moju and it’s founders

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