This week’s episode is with Graeme Lawson, the accidental digital nomad that built his own business and now works location independently as a freelance digital marketer and business coach.

In the episode, we talk about how Graeme got started in freelancing and how he was able to transition out of living in Scotland to living the good life in Chiang Mai and Koh Phanagan.

Find out more about Graeme at his website here or sign up for the pre-sale of his upcoming course here

Talking Points

[5:19] Dropping out of university to do a string of ‘normal jobs’ before starting his own freelance business about 5 years later
[5:42] Discovering the Digital Nomad movement and his niche as a freelancer
[8:01] How Graeme easily transitioned into remote work
[12:17] How he learned the skills that he now uses to help business’ with their websites and marketing and the story of how he got his first SEO client
[14:16] Working for free and building your portfolio starting out
[21:06] Personal Brand vs Reputation
[23:46] How Graeme does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
[26:57] Managing clients’ expectations with SEO
[30:02] The beginnings of Graeme’s digital nomad journey
[33:30] Avoiding the rainy cold of the city in Scotland and the importance of time vs money
[36:46] Answering the critiques of the movement and the lack of class system amongst digital nomads
[39:28] Graeme’s (almost) accidental journey to location independence
[40:20] The community in Chiang Mai and exploring new locations
[42:14] Final advice for starting a location independent freelance business

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