Greg and I met at Mana Coworking space while I was filming my ‘Where to work in Chiang Mai’ video but it wasn’t until I did a search on Google to find out more about stock footage that I came across Greg’s work.

Greg is the man who’s all about video in Chiang Mai. In today’s episode, we map Greg’s journey from working in IT in Canada to becoming a ‘videopreneur’ in Chiang Mai.

Find Greg at his webiste:

Talking Points

[0:58] The ‘Funny’ story of how I accidentally found Greg online after a chance meeting
[2:23] Recent freelance video work and the other ways Greg makes a living with video
[5:22] The ‘dream job’ which failed to fulfil but provided at least some flexibility
[7:21] Discovering a love for travel, building his first business and discovering a new love for video
[10:28] Deciding to move to Taiwan
[11:53] Discovering the Digital Nomad movement for the first time
[16:27] Taking travel to the next level by living abroad
[17:34] Chiang Mai vs Taipei
[20:51] Making the move to Taiwan and doing his first paid video in Hawaii
[22:01] How Greg found his first gig
[25:14] Greg’s tips for creative freelancers and the value of video
[28:48] Staying location independent while taking on the occasional freelance video job
[30:57] Meeting Johnny FD in Taipei & Finding the nomad community in Chiang Mai
[35:22] Working out of various cafes, getting inspired and the coworking culture in Chiang Mai
[39:37] The importance of passion and doing what you’re good at and the opportunity available today for making money with video
[44:52] Greg’s top tips for making money with stock footage

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