Johnny FD is a location independent entrepreneur who has lived in Thailand for over 5 years before deciding to give up his apartment and travel the world as a true ‘nomad’.

Well-known in the drop-shipping community, Johnny started out building and selling Shopify stores and nowadays, shares his experiences with nomadic life and online business through his blog and his podcast, the ’Travel Like a Boss Podcast’.

Stay tuned as we discuss what it’s like to retire at 35 and what Johnny has planned post-retirement.

Be sure to check out Johnny’s latest course on how to create online passive income from a blog, brand, or audience!

Talking Points

[01:46] A little word about how the new season of the CTF Podcast will play out and how Johnny runs his own podcast

[04:55] How Johnny met Sam Marks, successful e-cig entrepreneur and now co-host of the ‘Invest Like a Boss’ podcast

[07:50] Announcing retirement at age 35, achieving financial freedom and finding motivation post-retirement

[10:39] How more money does not necessarily mean more happiness

[13:08] Making the decision to retire from eCommerce and continuing with blogging and podcasting

[17:43] An introduction to Johnny’s latest course, Income Boss and what motivated him to ‘come out of retirement’

[21:42] Leaving Chiang Mai to travel to places like Bali, Ukraine and Gran Canaria.

[24:30] Feeling the need for a home base as you become more nomadic

[26:04] Redefining the definition of word ‘retirement’

[28:50] Johnny’s plan to travel less and spend more time in the US, Gran Canaria and Chiang Mai

[31:08] Why Johnny and I love Gran Canaria as a digital nomad destination

[32:41] The negative side to living in Bali and why Chiang Mai is such a good alternative

[38:46] Australia for digital nomads – two big problems which hold Australia back

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