Julian Goldie is a freelance copywriter and level 2 seller on Fiverr. He’s also the founder of King Passive, a website to help freelancers succeed on Fiverr and make passive income.

After meeting in Chiang Mai, Chris and Julian re-unite in Medellin after almost a year of travelling the world.

Talking Points

[01:09] Coworking spaces in Medellin
[03:13] Cost of living in Medellin
[04:29] The Language barrier in Medellin
[07:50] Medellin for digital nomads
[11:15] Julian’s experiences in Playa del Carmen and Bali
[15:30] Chiang Mai Withdrawals and cost of living in Medellin (cont’d)
[20:35] Julian’s journey to making money online and what he does now
[26:35] Making money with Fiverr
[31:19] Getting started on UpWork and how it compares to providing services on Fiverr
[35:40] Our corporate experiences before becoming digital nomads and what motivates to travel
[38:55] Our conversation returns to Thailand and living in Chiang Mai
[42:01] Hitting goals as a nomad and what’s next for both of us

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