Nick Nerov is a pro Amazon seller who went from cleaning windows in Toronto to running his Amazon business from locations around the world like Thailand, Croatia and Colombia.

In this interview, Nick and I discuss dating and culture differences across continents, living in Medellin and his own entrepreneurial journey up until this point.

Check Nick out at his YouTube channel for more advice specially on Amazon.

Talking Points

[01:23] How Nick and his friends found their apartment in Medellin – a 5 bedroom penthouse in El Poblado
[05:27] How to Negotiate the price of your AirBnB (or anything for that matter)
[07:20] Nick runs through the list of where he’s been in the last year and how he chooses destinations
[09:31] Nick reveals his dream destination and an interesting festival he plans to attend there
[13:16] How Nick learned Spanish
[15:35] The difference in culture and dating between Asia and South America
[19:40] A brief history of the pickup industry in Toronto
[23:31] What it’s like to come home after living abroad
[25:00] Nick’s entrepreneurial journey from window cleaning to Amazon FBA
[31:22] What happens when you start to make passive income and become a nomad?
[35:05] Nick’s plan to expand his Amazon business and move directly to the source
[39:19] Sourcing products directly in China vs sourcing online
[44:47] Why most people fail to make money on Amazon and what made Nick successful
[48:37] Nick’s final advice for succeeding with Amazon FBA

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