Riley and I first connected in mid April of 2016 when we met to do an interview after I discovered Riley through his YouTube channel.

The young, always excited Riley now lives his dream as a location independent entrepreneur after successfully building an Amazon business with his friend and business partner Parker Morris. Listen as Riley divulges over an hour about his own story as well as a wealth of tips and knowledge for starting your own successful business on Amazon.

To learn more about Riley’s method, check out his course, “The Amazon Method“.

Talking Points

[1:51] Visiting home and avoiding tax & exorbitant expenses by being in South East Asia
[5:04] Discovering his adventurous side, a trip to Phuket, saving up for his first business with partner, Parker Morris and moving out to Chiang Mai for the first Dropship Lifestyle Retreat
[15:11] Catching the travel bug in Phuket, Thailand
[17:49] The decision to pursue working online as a means to move back to Asia and the experience of blogging about online business before he even had his own
[22:39] Why drop shipping didn’t work for Riley but Amazon did
[29:54] How to deal with risk as an entrepreneur and the mindset it takes to succeed
[36:54] How Riley learned the business of Amazon and how you can do it too
[40:29] The Amazon Gold Rush
[46:15] The work it takes day-to-day as an amazon seller
[54:46] How Riley and his business partner share responsibilities
[57:52] Riley’s favourite locations: Ho Chi Minh City & Chiang Mai, Thailand and his experience in the Philippines
[1:04:52] Chiang Mai vs Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) for digital nomads

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