Snir Alayof is a former Israeli solider who decided that he wanted to gain control of his lifestyle and now runs a successful dropshipping business on eBay. Snir and I met in Chiang Mai after he was inspired by my videos to connect with the digital nomad entrepreneur community.

In today’s episode, we talk a lot about drop shipping, living in Thailand and pros and cons of running your business on third-party platforms.

Talking Points

  • [1:01] The ‘funny’ story of how Snir and I became acquainted
  • [2:10] Snir’s humble beginning as a solider in Israel and making his first sale online
  • [4:54] Breaking out of the standard Israeli norm to build a highly passive online business
  • [6:56] The early stages of building a business on eBay and discovering David Vu’s Udemy Course
  • [9:32] Reading the 4-hour Work Week and creating a business to achieve his desired lifestyle
  • [12:47] Discovering the Chris the Freelancer YouTube channel and becoming inspired to move to Chiang Mai
  • [16:14] Cost of living in Thailand
  • [19:07] Snir’s search for a community of online entrepreneurs and how he found it in Chiang Mai
  • [21:04] Snir’s plan to attend to build his own Dropshipping store and attend the Dropship Lifetyle Retreat in Hawaii
  • [24:33] A short discussion on the art of podcasting as well as Snir’s favourite ones to listen to
  • [29:34] The reason why he chose drop shipping as his first business to get into
  • [31:11] How PayPal froze $10,000 of Snir’s money and a greater discussion on the pros and cons of relying on big third-party platforms
  • [38:01] Transitioning from selling on eBay to building his own drop shipping store with the Dropship Lifestyle method
  • [40:09] The Psychology and strategy behind product pricing
  • [43:14] A short explanation and comparison between dropship lifestyle and David Vu’s eBay method
  • [46:17] Pushing through the initial tough period to achieve success and always working to improve
  • [49:52] Snir’s final word of advice for success in any field

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