This week, I sit down with Steph Danforth, the freelance designer who has been travelling the world continuously for the last four years with husband, Nick Danforth. From living in a van in the United States to sightseeing in Europe, Steph has built her career 100% on the road.

In this week’s episode, we talk about Steph’s keys to success on UpWork and Fiverr and the life lessons learned after so many years of work and travel.

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Talking Points

[1:23] The beginnings of Steph’s nomad journey with husband Nick over 4 years ago, starting in a camper van, sightseeing in Europe and living in China
[4:31] From working in a coffee shop to starting an Etsy store
[7:23] Dabbling in Web Design and transitioning completely into location independent work and financial independence
[11:17] How Steph decided on her career path and learned to code / design websites
[16:28] How she built the skill of dealing with clients as a freelancer and how it ended up making the difference
[19:38] How Steph got started on Fiverr and her advice for others wanting to succeed on the platform
[25:38] The importance of building reviews and reputation on Upwork and Steph’s tips for meeting and exceeding client expectations
[28:38] An introduction to Steph’s course on Successful freelancing on UpWork
[30:29] Steph’s favourite locations to travel, to work and to connect with the nomad community
[34:22] How Steph and husband Nick decide on where to go next and the biggest learnings they’ve had on their journey
[38:27] Breaking the stereotype of being married and what it’s like to travel with a partner
[41:12] The next stage for Steph and Nick and how they’ve inspired others to live an alternative lifestyle

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