Zack Young is an Entrepreneur, Coach & Digital Strategist from England living life as Digital Nomad. Zack and I met in Bali through the Slack community #nomads and since then he’s taken his career to the next level, scoring work in New York City and helping his most recent client raise over a million dollars in a carefully executed crowdfunding campaign.

In today’s episode, we talk about the early beginnings of Zack’s freelance career, how he started a successful business in college and scoring gigs in New York, London and now San Fransisco.

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Talking Points

  • [2:41] The beginnings of Zack’s Nomad Journey
  • [4:53] Becoming a startup entrepreneur in England
  • [7:15] The beginnings of Zack’s freelance career
  • [8:47] His short corporate career in London, the illusion of big city success and finding a career in which he could make a difference
  • [13:19] The beginnings of becoming a remote freelancer and his major breakthrough that landed him in New York City and now San Fransisco
  • [15:53] Refining his personal brand on LinkedIn and through writing
  • [16:52] Investing in his education and how he built his skills as an expert freelancer
  • [18:35] The transition into remote work
  • [21:03] Avoiding getting caught up with tourists and achieving balance with work and partying
  • [24:26] The biggest challenges of working remotely and how develop trust with clients while on the other side of the world.
  • [29:18] The Zack Young style of travel and his favourite locations around the world
  • [32:18] The experience of working remotely in Australia and the challenges of being on a vastly different timezones
  • [38:53] Coworking in Bali compared to Chiang Mai
  • [41:08] The importance of external influence and achieving career growth as a digital nomad
  • [44:01] Scoring writing jobs with Glassdoor and the Huffington Post and the benefit of guest blogging for your personal brand
  • [48:41] Zack’s top tips for preparing yourself for a digital nomad lifestyle

My Favourite Quote:

“LinkedIn is a really powerful asset and recommendations on LinkedIn are crucial” [15:15]

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