Courses, articles and videos on Shopify Theme Development

By Christopher Dodd

Shopify Theme Development: How to Build and Customise Your Own Online Store

An overview of Shopify Theme Development covering theme structure, efficient code editing and plenty of demonstration of how editing your code can not only update the look and feel of your website but also provide options within your Shopify admin to dynamically add and customise content.

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Shopify Liquid – The Ultimate Guide

Liquid is the templating language that Shopify uses to load dynamic content to the pages of online stores. You could consider it the programming language of Shopify themes but there are a number of restrictions and quirks within Shopify liquid that aren’t immediately clear.

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Shopify Theme Development (YouTube Video Series)

Learn about Shopify themes, how they work and how you can navigate your theme to make an infinite number of changes to your Shopify Storefront in this 4 part video series.

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Shopify Theme Programming: Liquid, JSON and Javascript

The sequel to my previous Shopify class, this one goes deeper into the actual theme code to gain a better understanding of how themes are programmed, taking a closer look at the templating language behind Shopify themes (Shopify Liquid), learning how to create your own customisations using JSON schemas as well as the AJAX API.

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